Express copying of all Megamos Crypto TS48 / CN6 / KD48? TMPro can do it!

Here are benefits of using of TS48 / CN6 / KD48 transponder with TMPro.
– When you use TS48 / CN6 / KD48 with TMPro softwares no need to write new data in memory device. Your job is done faster and safer (avoids writing to memory device).
– You can make full copy of any TS48 / CN6 / KD48 to another TS48 / CN6 / KD48 in 1 second. Requires software 187.
– You can always unlock TS48 / CN6 / KD48, no matter what password is used to lock it.
– If TS48 / CN6 / KD48 is programmed to VAG CAN vehicle, on reading you can see VAG CAN CS 7 bytes.
On reading you get info what is transponder – TS48 / CN6 / KD48 or ID48, also if transponder has got UM2 (User Memory 2).
Enjoy of all benefits of TS48 / CN6 / KD48 when you use it with TMPro.