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Advertisement on the TMPro software startup screen

Every day thousands of TMPro customers start the TMPro software. At the start they always see the startup screen of the software. You can place your advertisement on the startup screen. This way the customers can easily reach you.

  • TMPro software startup screen offers showing of 9 pictures.
  • Size of picture is 480×300 pixels JPG format.
  • To each picture you can provide a web link.
  • You can advertise with as many as you wish pictures (1-9).
  • On start of TMPro software pictures start to show one after another.
  • Each picture is showing for 5 seconds.
  • Pictures are showing no matter if TMPro box is connected or not.
  • If customer holds mouse over particular picture it will shows 15 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
  • If customer clicks on picture this will open the web link associated with it. Opening of web link doesn`t stop showing of pictures.
  • Showing of pictures stops when customer begins to work with TMPro.

Advertising on the TMPro software startup screen is THE FASTEST WAY locksmiths to find you!

Your “adv shot” is always in the target – locksmiths from all over the world! It is because only locksmiths are TMPro customers. Why not to try?

Please watch short video: